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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Face it! Its Reality

Warning!! not be to straight!!used your imagination to and your heart to extract this message!

I went to one lake where it was so damn beautiful..I wanted to see the places where people can walked on the water.And, after 12 hours, I got off the bus and..there was an old fisherman standing there, and I said, "Is this where you can see people walked on the water?"
He said, "Yeah. that man was a fisherman. "

"do you smoke hashish??he asked!

and I smoked.Yeah. My bladder was full, so I went to make behind a bush,and when I got out, I saw the old... fisherman...standing on the water. Standing on the Goddamn water.!!

And, I thought,

"Wow.This is good hash. "

So...He was standing on the edge of the lake.He walked over to me and he said,"Come walk with me," and I said,"I don't walk on the water. " And he said, "Look. Put your foot right here. "
And I dipped my toe in the water and it felt solid and I..I thought, "What?" And he said, "It's rock right under the surface of the water, but it's so dark you can't see it. "
And these rocks extend...60 feet out into the lake. All the fisherman go out there to catch the fish, because that's where the best fish are. They've been doing it for centuries.

So, we walked out to the middle of the lake, and he said, "You see? Around here...
everybody walks on water. "

-the end-

p/s please read again by changing words below....then read it again!!:

Hashish--->Godaan Syaitan,cadangan Syaitan, Bisikan Syaitan
Water--->Kehidupan di Dunia
Fish---->Duit,kuasa,sex, or nikmat dunia!!


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